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Elpers Brothers, Inc.

Testimonies about Elpers Brothers Construction, Inc.

"We learned the hard way that contractors/builders can perform shoddy work and only years later will you uncover the results of their work. It is our experience that the best insurance against shoddy work is to be with people that you would trust with the pin number to your bank account. We have that level of trust with Elpers Brothers Construction. At no point in our ongoing relationship has the quality of their work been called into question or have we felt that they weren't our advocates out to do the best for us. Their subs perform at an equally high level of quality. It has been our experience after seeing other jobs that the homeowner's decisions regarding a building project are only as good as the information they get. Having lived and owned homes in Washington D.C., Indianapolis and here, we feel that Elpers Brothers Construction is the best builders we have experienced anywhere."

Dr. & Mrs. Ed & Mary Anne Fox

"An appropriately managed, accurately documented, and well scheduled quality construction project is exactly what my wife and I recently received from Elpers Brothers Construction. They were an absolute pleasure to deal with. We consider the project they completed for us a total success and would highly recommend them to anyone."

Kevin and Kelli Bryant